Digital Signage to Make a Great First Impression
EisenAmper gets vibrant new midtown office with creative harmony and future driven design! I created dynamic digital visuals for two public facing displays in EisenAmper's Manhattan cutting-edge HQ. One display includes a 12 foot long video wall in the office elevator lobby. The digital content is diverse in topic, relevant in messaging, and in-line with EisenAmper's brand voice. This content is not just displayed; it's a choreographed digital narrative that unfolds throughout the day.
The video walls are tightly integrated within the architectural elements, complementing the building's design and the surrounding environmental graphics. This integration ensures that the technology enhances rather than interrupts the aesthetic flow, merging digital dynamism with the physical form.

"In my 30 years in the profession, I've seen hundreds of business headquarters of all types, but I've never seen one like this. It's a forward-thinking and best of all, the design reflects what our people told us was most important to them." 
 EisnerAmper COO, Robert Levine

Client: EisenAmper
Role: Art Director / Motion Designer
Digital Experience Design and Animation

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