I'm an Art Director and Senior Motion Graphic Designer 
with a great sense of color and shape in visual design.  My art is bold and has an innovative branding and advertising approach across all design mediums. An avid international traveler since the age of 3, I've been exposed to multicultural influences that ignited my passion for art.
received an MFA in Motion Media Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and have a BA in Multimedia Design from American University. I have produced several media pieces which aired on broadcast television, been exhibited in museums, and are accredited online. I've worked on projects for NBC Universal, Estée Lauder: BCA, National Geographic, VISA, General Motors, MSG Networks, and more.
When I'm not setting keyframes
I enjoy experimenting with my photography, playing video games, and jamming to many music festivals.
My cat's name is Cloud (named after a Final Fantasy VII character #GamerGirl)
Can swim like a fish
Skydiving in Puerto Rico is well worth it
"Smile like you mean it" Is one of my favorite verses

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