My experimental motion graphic work focusing on the artistry in mathematics with fractals compositions. Including formal motion design and cinematic qualities, Terreforme exudes geometric properties with patterns such as translational, rotational, and reflective symmetry to highlight natural abstractions. These interactions expose distinct 2D and 3D abstract forms within their spatial environments, linking biological perception and visual expression in geometric motion design.
Music by Jon Wheeler
Before applying any math, I began collecting various elements of our natural world from the east coast (such as crystals, flowers, shells, insects, and rocks). Then I closely examined these materials through a microscopy. Magnification through microscopy showcases the symmetrical dynamic patterns encompassed in these natural elements that one wouldn’t normally see with the naked eye. I found Fibonacci fractals in shells and symmetry in crystals. My goal was to discover as much as possible with these natural elements and use them as inspirational research for the look and feel of Terreforme.

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