EisenAmper Installation
"In my 30 years in the profession, I've seen hundreds of business headquarters of all types, but I've never seen one like this. It's a forward-thinking and best of all, the design reflects what our people told us was most important to them." - EisnerAmper COO, Robert Levine​​​​​​​
EisenAmper gets vibrant new midtown office with creative harmony and future-driven design! Created dynamic digital visuals for two public facing displays in EisenAmper's Manhattan cutting-edge HQ. One display includes a 12 foot long video wall in the office elevator lobby. The digital content is diverse in topic, relevant in messaging, and  in-line with EisenAmper's brand voice. The visuals encourage flow and abstract fluid motion within the digital spaces while offering the audience a connection to the brand and maintaining an impactful tone throughout.
Role: Art Director / Motion Designer

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